This program has been postponed to September due to Covid. As much as possible dates will remain the same as shown below. New schedule available shortly.

This Training Program is made up of 13 Face to face Segments. These will will rotate in location between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend the live teaching sessions, however for those unable to attend a particular segment, there will be additional support and tutorial sessions to allow the missed time to be Made up. This will require a combination of video review and reflection, and attendance at a tutorial session in the cities where there was not live teaching of the main segment.

Training days will generally start at 9.30 am and finish at 4.30 pm with a one hour lunch break each day. Students may need to be available for individual Functional Integration lessons after class occasionally.

For some cities, segments times may be varied to suit the context.

There will also be weekly home based and online activities for all students. (approx 1 – 2 hrs/week)

Year Dates Teaching Team Leader
Preliminary workshops TBA See Events
Seg 1 Melbourne
Seg 2 Sydney
Seg 3 Brisbane
Seg 4 Melbourne
Feb 8-19
May 17-28
Sep 20-Oct 1
Oct 25-Nov 5
Susan Hillier, Zoran Kovich
Zoran Kovich
Zoran Kovich
Stephanie Spink
Seg 5 Sydney
Seg 6 Brisbane
Seg 7 Melbourne
Seg 8 Sydney
Feb 7-18
Jun 27-Jul 8
Sep 12-23
Nov (TBA)
Susan Hillier
Julie Peck
Stephanie Spink
Zoran Kovich
Seg 9 Brisbane
Seg 10 Melbourne
Seg 11 Sydney
Seg 12 Brisbane
Jan 9-20
Apr 17-28
Jul (TBA)
Nov (TBA)
Julie Peck
Susan Hillier
Zoran Kovich
Susan Hillier
Seg 13 Melbourne Feb 12-23 Susan  Hillier, Zoran Kovich
Seg 13 Sydney Mar 11-22 Susan  Hillier, Zoran Kovich
Seg 13 Brisbane Apr 1-13 (TBC) Susan  Hillier, Zoran Kovich