Melbourne Training Overview

The SEAUS 2 Professional Training Program commenced with Melbourne as it’s hub, in January 2017. The main Training Program concluded in January 2020.

The final “Transition year” modules for the SEAUS 2 Training will be offered in April  and November. All practitioners and experienced students are welcome to attend these two “Advanced Training” modules.

The SEAUS 3 program commenced in February 2019 but enrollments are now restricted to students transferring from other programs. The SEAUS 4 Training will commence in 2021.

See Schedule for details and Curriculum for content description . You might also like to look at our News-Articles section to see how different people are applying their Feldenkrais Training. or Here to see what our students say about why they joined the program

You can find information about events and workshops leading up to the Training under Event List or to be notified of what’s coming up send your details to or 03 9737 9945