Commencing in January 2017, this Training Program is made up of 4 shared Segments in Melbourne with the intervening segments offered locally in each of Melbourne, and any other cities where numbers are sufficient. The program completes in January 2020.

Training days will generally start at 9.30 am and finish at 4.30 pm with a one hour lunch break each day. Students may need to be available for individual Functional Integration lessons after class occasionally.

For some local segments times may be varied to suit the group.

There will also be  4 hours of  online interactive tutorials scheduled in months when there is no face to face segment.

At the conclusion of the program,  2 separate, optional transition weeks will be offered to support graduates in integrating into practice in the wider community.

Year Dates Teaching Team Leader
Feldenkrais Fundamentals to be advised Various
Segment 1 (Shared)
Segment 2 (local)
Segment 3 (local)
Jan 9-27
May 1-12
Sept 18-29
Susan Hillier, Zoran Kovich
Zoran Kovich
Stephanie Spink
Segment 4 (Shared)
Segment 5 (local)
Segment 6 (local)
Segment 7 (local)
Jan 8 – 26
Apr 9 – 20
Jul 16-27
Oct 1 – 12
Zoran Kovich, Susan Hillier, Zoran
Julie Peck
Susan Hillier
Jeff Haller
Segment 8 (Shared)
Local Segment 9
Local Segment 10
Jan 7 – 25
May 6 – 17
Sep 9 -20
Julie Peck
Zoran Kovich
Susan Hillier
Segment 11 (Melbourne) Jan 6-10,13-17,20-24 Susan Hillier, Zoran Kovich
 Transition week 1
Axis of Evolution
April 8-22 Candy Conino, Jenni Evans
Transition week 2
Seeing and Doing
November 23 – 27 Jeff Haller