Training Overview 2019

A new Training Program will commence with Melbourne as it’s hub, in February 2019. Once the basic enrollment target is achieved, where there are sufficient numbers of students in any given city, the intention is to offer the majority of face to face segments in those locations as well. There will be one core segment for all students in Melbourne in January or February each year commencing in 2019. The Training program will conclude in January 2022. The face to face study components will be supplemented with short, monthly, interactive online learning sessions and some home based practice.

The first face to face segment in February 2019 will be open to anyone interested in the Feldenkrais Method. This may be for professional development or personal interest. practitioners are also welcome as reviewers.

During 2018 there will be many events and workshops available throughout Australia to allow you to come and try the Feldenkrais Method and meet some of the teaching team. We will also be offering the  4 day intensive program – Feldenkrais Fundamentals and the new program The Master Moves. This is a fantastic introduction to the Method for anyone who is curious or   would like a bit more than weekly classes, a great professional development opportunity for anyone who might be looking to utilise some of the ideas in an existing practice, or for those who want to get started on their training  it will be credited as part of your Training hours.

See Schedule for details and Curriculum for content description . You might also like to look at our News-Articles section to see how different people are applying their Feldenkrais Training. or Here to see what our students say about why they joined the program

You can find information about events and workshops leading up to the Training under Event List or to be notified of what’s coming up send your details to or 03 9737 9945