2021 Training Overview

The SEAUS 4 Professional Training Program  commenced in October 2021.   The format has been completely re-organised to make it as family and workplace friendly as possible. Due the ongoing unpredictability of the Covid pandemic, we  commenced with an online weekend segment which was followed by another one December 4/5. Each year (3) will include a 6 day residential retreat for all participants. For the remainder of the year, students will meet in local hubs, 1 3 day weekend per month (5 times) and one 5 day block. The program will conclude with a final  face to face segment in Melbourne.  The primary Trainers will rotate attendance  between the local student hubs, whilst the others will connect via zoom and be supported locally by experienced Assistant Trainers.  Depending on distribution of enrolments, we anticipate that hubs will be in Melbourne, Sydney, Northern NSW and Perth. Other hubs may form if there is sufficient demand.

The face to face study components will be supplemented with short, monthly, interactive online learning sessions and some home based practice. This program is now only accepting  applications from transferring students and practitioners wishing to review some or all of the program.

Two additional ‘Transition Year’ modules of one week each will be offered in 2025. All practitioners and experienced students are invited to attend. Dates to be confirmed .

This Training may be attended for professional development or personal interest. practitioners are also welcome as reviewers.

See Schedule for details and Curriculum for content description . You might also like to look at our News-Articles section to see how different people are applying their Feldenkrais Training. or Here to see what our students say about why they joined the program.

You can also listen to a podcast where some of our current students interview Zoran Kovich – one of our Educational directors, about the experience of learning in a Feldenkrais Training.

You can find information about events and workshops leading up to the Training under Event List or to be notified of what’s coming up send your details to jenni@feldebiz.com.au or 03 9737 9945

If you would like to be notified of workshops and events in your city please email jenni@feldebiz.com.au