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About Us

The Feldenkrais Institute of Australia is dedicated to providing high quality, cutting edge, professional qualifications in the Feldenkrais Method and practical Feldenkrais training.

Our intentions are:

  • to provide programs that stimulate your learning processes in a creative way
  • to provide trainers who are not only skilled in the Feldenkrais Method, but also in teaching it to others in ways that are clear and relevant;
  • to provide an environment which supports you in learning easily and comfortably; and
  • to provide a friendly and efficient response to your questions and concerns.

The Program Director is Jenni Evans – a Melbourne based Feldenkrais Practitioner and Assistant Trainer.

The Feldenkrais Institute of Australia is a subsidiary of Heartland Pty Ltd.


Your details will only be used by us with your permission. Your details will not be given to any third party, person or organization.


PO Box 1045
Upwey Vic 3158


+61 3 9737 9945