This month please assign time to engage in these activities:

Week 1                     Personal Reflection

Look through your Chronicle.

  1. Identify a particular lesson or activity you really enjoyed OR one which you didn’t quite know what to make of.
  2. Log into the Video or Audio library and see if you can find the particular lesson/activity you identified in (a).
  3. When you have found it, listen/watch/do it again with fresh eyes. Is there anything you can identify about that lesson/activity that may have prompted your initial response.
  4. Reflect on something you could do in the future to optimise your learning experience.



Week 2                     With your study buddy

  1. Read the Fable “The Three Languages”.

You can download it here: So what did you learn

  1. Arrange a time chat with your study buddy about the fable. What meanings emerge for you in regard to your own learning?



Week 3                     Small group discussion

  1. Access and view the power-point presentation titled “Erect Posture and Action”. You can find it in the Treasure Chest.
  2. Play our first learning game: Gravity and Equilibrium. You can find the game in the Knowledgebase. Keep a note of your responses to questions.
  3. Meet with your small group and together go through the game again. You could each watch it on your own screens or one of you could “screen share” with the others.

(Sadly due to old technology, time constrains and gremlins there are two interactive components in this game which have broken. One is the first one you meet – there is no picture to click on. Please have a guess and move on. This happens again a couple of activities later. Hopefully playing the other interactive games will make up for your disappointment)

Together recall and share how you experienced yourself standing before and after ATM lessons in the training segment. Discuss ways in which these concepts may relate to these experiences.


Week 4                     Learning Groups – Online Zoom Meeting

Meeting dates in March 2019:

  • Tuesday 26th: 8pm
  • Wednesday 27th: 10 am  &   8pm
  • Thursday 28th: 8pm

Watch for the invitation email from Jenni with the link to the zoom room.


The online meeting is your/our opportunity to discuss topics, ideas, ‘aha-moments’, etc. arising from the month’s activities. Please come prepared and ready to engage.

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