The next Feldenkrais Professional Training program begins in Melbourne on February 11th 2019. Depending on enrollments later modules may be offered in other cities as well. (eg. Sydney, Perth)

Everyone is welcome to attend from 1- 3 weeks of the … Read more

Since Dr Norman Doige released his best-selling book, The Brain that changes itself, back in 2007, neuroplasticity has been the big buzz word, but what does it mean?
Neuroplasticity is often discussed in relation to people recovering from stroke, major … Read more

Students joined the Professional Training Program for  many different reasons.

Some came because of their own pain or limitations, or because they wanted more from life than sitting at a desk.  Some recognised the Feldenkrais Method as an effective toolkit … Read more

New Feldenkrais Professional Training Program to start in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide,commencing November 2014. Second Chance to start One week commencement module January 12th 2015. You can check all the details by looking under Training  The Curriculum section tells you … Read more