Training Overview

The current Melbourne Training is the SEAUS 1 Feldenkrais Professional Training Program. Commencing in November 2014 this program is now complete. The final “transition year” module will be offered in June  see here for details. The SEAUS 2 program details are here and the SEAUS 3 program commenced in February 2019. It is still open to new enrollments with a catchup process. See here

Practitioners are welcome to enroll for one or more segments as reviewers or attend as visitors on a daily basis. Please contact to check that space is available.

See Schedule for details and Curriculum for content description . You might also like to look at our News-Articles section to see how different people are applying their Feldenkrais Training.

The next Feldenkrais Training Program in Australia is scheduled to commence in January 2017 in Melbourne.

If you would like to be notified of workshops and events in your city please email